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What is SEO and how does it work? SEO explained in under two minutes

If you’re new to Search Engine Optimization or SEO or looking to improve your SEO skills, you’re in the right place.

In this video, we’ll be debunking some common misconceptions about SEO and breaking down its three key components:

1️⃣ on-page SEO

2️⃣ off-page SEO

3️⃣ technical SEO

We’ll provide you with a clear understanding of what SEO is and what it is not, and why it’s essential for your digital success. You’ll learn about the importance of creating high-quality content, earning valuable backlinks, and optimizing your site’s on-page and technical aspects.

By the end of this video, you’ll have the knowledge you need to climb the search engine ranks and drive more organic traffic to your site.

Join Hans from User Growth as he unlocks the secrets of SEO in under two minutes, providing expert insights and actionable tips to help you optimize your website and improve your search engine rankings.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips: Growing your Business using LinkedIn in 2023

There’s a huge marketing opportunity on LinkedIn right now.

Every week there are over 9 BILLION impressions served on the LinkedIn feed.

However, only 3 MILLION updates are posted weekly. On top of that, LinkedIn’s algorithm is heavily favoring marketers right now.

✅ A slower decay than other networks (i.e., your posts remain on the LinkedIn newsfeed for weeks, not hours)

✅ Your content can get shown to people who are NOT connected to you (i.e., you don’t need a lot of followers)

From creating connections to building brand awareness to generating leads, LinkedIn is a great marketing tool.

So in this video, we will explain five simple and easy tips to leverage the power of LinkedIn marketing to generate sales and grow your online business in 2023.

We are breaking down the latest and greatest of LinkedIn Marketing from an organic perspective.

Are you ready to master LinkedIn marketing so that you can attract new customers and deliver your message to the right people?

How To Boost Conversions With Social Proof

Social proof is one of those things that you wish didn’t work… but it really does.

The human selling psychology is strong – we like shortcuts that make our purchasing decision easier.

So if you want to 3x your website’s conversion rate — and 3x your customer base, as a result, there’s no substitute for good solid social proof!

In this video, we’ll show you some really clever ways to add that important content that lets your current customers and experience do the talking for you.

Creating a Content Calendar That Drives Results

Learn how to build a content calendar for your blog.

Come up with one year of content topics in one day, not by focusing on more, but by focusing on better content.

Better content that will drive business results.

Growing Your Business Using Twitter 📈

Knowing how to market your business on Twitter can seem daunting.

But, If you can figure out how to have honest, authentic conversations on Twitter you can grow your business. Learn how now!

How To Write Content For Each Step Of The Customer Journey

Marketing personalization goes beyond using a prospect’s name in an email.

Learn how to give your audience the personalized experience they want and need by aligning content to your customer journey.


If you want more traffic, you need to master the understanding of keywords. When done correctly, finding the correct keywords for your business can send your site content to the first page of Google, but where to start? Let’s dive in!

Link Building: How to Build POWERFUL Backlinks in 2021

Just write it and they will come is not enough to have your content ranked on Google. Good quality links are still one of THE most important factors to help you rank your content in 2021.

This video explains how to get them.

Driving Traffic To Your Content Using Flipboard

Flipboard is named one of the most important apps of all time by CNET. And it can drive thousands of visitors to your content. On top of that, you can also use it to find new content to share with your audience.

All in all a great app to have in your content marketing war chest.

Turn 404 Pages Into Traffic And Qualified Leads

You log into Google Analytics or your Google Search Console, and you’ll see that you have a ton of 404 errors.

Don’t worry every site has them. But how can you turn the people ending up on your 404 pages into leads? This video tells you how.

Using Quora As Part Of Your Content Marketing Mix

Quora is one of the world’s biggest website, with over 300 million active monthly users and is rated in the top 100 of all websites.

Quora is also an amazing tool for marketing any business. Let’s have a look at how you can use it for your business.

I want to learn about

Long-form content for everyone that wants to do a deep-dive into growing their business.

7 Ways to Get Backlinks to Boost Your Traffic

Are you tired of thinking that whenever you just write enough content, people will start putting tons of links back to you?

Of course, in the long run, people will start linking back to your content, but not everyone wants to wait that long.

We all know that quality backlinks can do wonders to improve your search engine rankings and your performance. There is tons of great content available online to show you different tactics.

So what if you don’t want to wait months or maybe even years? How do you proactively get backlinks without spending long hours? In this post, we would like to share some tactics that can help you, so you can start seeing an increase in organic traffic coming toward your website.

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How To Use Flipboard To Grow Your Content Marketing Reach

As content marketers ourselves, we know how much time and effort can sometimes go into creating the right piece of content.

And, of course, finding the right medium to publish it to get the needed results to help grow our business.

The only way to be able to get those results, though, is by promoting your content after you hit that publish button.

Nobody will find your content otherwise.

This is even truer if you’re just starting your business, so you must actively find ways to drive traffic to those pieces of content.

Otherwise, your time spent creating them has been all for nothing.

So what if we would tell you there is an incredible way to drive thousands of visitors, a way that contributes more than other social media platforms combined, and best of all, it is free?

This application is named one of the most important apps of all time by CNET and only takes five to ten minutes of management per day to get the results you want.

Did we get your attention?

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Increasing Conversions By Creating High Converting 404 Error Pages

One of the first things on everybody’s mind when they start a new website is to produce as much content as possible. After all, we want to get those backlinks, and we want to get a consistent stream of visitors to your website, right?

Months go by, and you start to see more and more traffic coming it. This is a good indicator that you’re on the right track to solving the same problems that your product is solving through the media you’re creating and promoting.

But did you know that the average lifespan of a webpage is around 100 days? According to Brewster Kahle, digital librarian at the Internet Archive in San Francisco, links tend to go bad over time due to moved or deleted content or changes in permalink structure.

So this means that the beautiful, exciting experience your visitor is expecting can turn sideways when they are greeted with the dreaded 404, or “page not found” message.

One error page can kill all your hard work.

And what will the visitor do? They will hit that back button in their browser and go straight back to the search result page, trying to find a website that CAN help them with their problems.

Your first opportunity to impress a new lead, and you just blew it. Outdated and permanently moved web pages will leave your leads hanging without you allowing them to start a loving relationship.

No wonder that according to a 2010 study by Firefox, the back button was the most used navigational feature in their browser.

Although there is no formal estimate of the number of lost sales and opportunities caused by people landing on a “page not found” page, we’re pretty sure every lost sale opportunity is one to money.

It isn’t all bad news, though, because 404 pages also represent opportunities if done well. If someone lands on your 404 page, you have their attention. How you use that attention directly relates to how successfully your site will convert visitors.

This article will focus on turning those 404 error pages into revenue, leads, and sales.

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How to turn Quora into a sales, leads and a traffic generator for your business

Content Marketing, at its core, comes down to solving the same problems that your product solves through the media you create and promote. So what is the first thing a lot of people are all doing when they have a problem?

Right, they Google it.

One thing you might have noticed lately is that when you Google a question, one of the websites that always seems to pop up with an answer is Quora. And if you’re seeing Quora popping up and giving answers, this is probably true for many of your customers as well.

So what is this Quora? Well, Quora is THE biggest Q&A platform with more than 190 million monthly active users, and whenever you have such a big platform of people searching for answers to their questions, you know this is a significant opportunity for any marketer.

And the beautiful thing about Quora is that there are a lot of interesting categories where people post questions and answer them, so no matter what type of business you’re running, you can use it to grow your website traffic.

And it is not just traffic, as we’ve already seen earlier. Quora can also help you find content ideas and build your brand. But before you can get anything out of it, just like with all marketing efforts in life, you need to start using it first and grow the reputation of someone who knows her or his stuff.

In this blog post, we will run you through the works, from starting a Quora account to building your business and getting more customers.

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Getting Found Online – 13 SEO Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

How are you finding new products and services to help you fix problems you’re experiencing daily? A high probability that everything starts by searching the web.

Being able to get found online via search engines is essential for any successful website. Search engines, however, would like to know what your site and your content are all about. People are having a problem or a question, and they are searching for an answer.

As a website owner, you aim to create a helpful piece of content that answers those questions in the best way possible.

At its core, that is what SEO is all about. Someone has a question, they are searching for a solution, and you can supply the answer to their problems.

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How to Come Up with Great Blog Post Ideas Consistently

You probably know that content marketing is a powerful way to market your company online.

It’s a way to demonstrate your expertise and increase your online following, all in all, to help you gain more leads for your company and help you sell more.

But what is the hardest part of creating high-quality content?

How many times has this happened to you?

You sit down to write a blog post, and… nothing.

You’ve been writing for some time now; you see traffic every day. But no matter how long you sit and stare at your screen, it’s still just… nothing.

Coming up with a constant flow of ideas to write about for your audience can be challenging. How do you keep the ideas and creativity flowing to ensure your content calendar is filled with topics that ensure consistent traffic, leads, and conversions?

Here’s the good news: Everyone gets stuck sometimes, but there’s a much better way to come up with content ideas than just staring at your screen and waiting for a miracle.

But before we give you specific topics and ways to generate blog topics, there are two key principles you need to keep in mind:

  1. Write about your niche, not your product. Even more so when you’re just starting out, and nobody has heard about you yet, people don’t search for your product name or categories. Most people search because they’ve got a problem and they are searching for information or a solution to their problem. Content relevant to your audience’s life is way more valuable than content just hammering out product specs. Think of it like this, what would you rather click on: “Content Services $150” or “How to Promote Your Content”?
  2. Deliver value. Content marketing should deliver entertainment and/or educational value to your audience. Always ensure that your target audience will be interested, intrigued, having fun, or will learn the next time they engage with your content. Practising Customer Development is learning about whether your product or services are solving the problems of your potential audience. By doing customer development, you can also learn and discover topics of value for your audience.

By keeping these two items in mind, let’s dive into different ways to develop ideas for your content machine.

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Increasing Website Traffic By Updating Old Blog Posts

Every day millions of words are being put down on websites to attract more readers and, hopefully more customers.

After all, small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.

But with millions of posts being written every day, how much of this content do you think actually gets seen by their target audience?

And what happens after you hit that publish button?

You might promote the post a bit after it goes live. You might put some ad budget on there to increase the traffic. You might include it in your weekly newsletter, and then what?

At one point, most people just forget about the content they produce and move on. After all, a new publication just went live, which also needs attention.

But if you’re not driving traffic to those old blog posts, was it worth the time and money invested in them?

It probably doesn’t make sense to spend all that time creating something and then just letting it die once the next thing comes out.

The answer to increasing your website’s traffic is one of the easiest and most simple ones you probably overlooked: older blog posts.

Imagine that if each of these older posts just received 50 more visitors each day, 50 more visitors could contact you for the first time, maybe even find more interesting content on your website and eventually turn into customers.

Your old content is key to growing your blog and taking your company to the next level, and in this post, we will teach you how.

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Using Google Analytics to Measure and Improve Your Content Marketing

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Google Analytics?

For most people, it probably has something to do with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but did you know that next to that, Google Analytics (GA) also holds tons of insights into how you can create better content for your business?

To save time and money for your company, don’t you think it would be better if you could create better content instead of more content?

Better content that could help you rank better for the search terms that you want to be found for? Instead of just trying to create as much content as possible, hoping you eventually will rank?

However, there are dozens of different ways to slice and dice all the information available in Google Analytics to come up with killer content ideas.

To help you get the most out of your valuable time and to help guide you to improve your content marketing, this post will help you set up your Google Analytics, teaches you the most common terminology you need to navigate through all the reports, and help get the most out of your content marketing.

First, let’s figure out why you should take the time to learn and use Google Analytics for your Content Marketing.

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How To Write Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

If you’re like most people in the world, you probably love being on Facebook (or one of the other social networks owned by Facebook, like Instagram or WhatsApp). And you’re scrolling through that newsfeed every day, reading the news, looking at pictures of cute cats. We’ve all been there.

In fact, 1.09 billion of you are out there every day, being active on Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram Users Highly Engaged on Daily Basis

Despite there being some talk in the last couple of months that the reach of Facebook would be on a decline, the data shows that the opposite is pretty much the reality. 70% of Facebook users in the U.S. log into Facebook daily, compared with 59% on Instagram, 38% on Twitter, 27% on Pinterest, and 22% on LinkedIn, according to research done by Pew Research Center.

So being on this platform for you as a business owner makes total sense, right?

And you’ve probably already built a page with an audience over the years as a result. What happened, though?

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Why Customer Lifetime Value is The Only Metric That Matters And How to Use it To Grow Your Business

The (online) marketing world is a place where we love ourselves some acronyms. Think of words like PPC, USP, CPA, CPC, CRO, CTA, and ROI.

Do you know what they all mean?

(hint Pay-Per-Click, Unique Selling Point, Cost-per-Action, Cost-per-Click, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Call-To-Action, Return-On-Investment).

In this article, we will talk about getting new customers and the value they bring to your organization when they are your customers.

After all, getting new customers takes a lot of work.

You have to take your time for them to get to know you and your product or service. Get to know you to such a rate that they fall in love with you and start buying your product or service.

In every business niche, there are always competitors to be found. Advertising costs are rising, implementing a good content marketing strategy for long-term SEO success takes time and money, and even specific acquisition campaigns you’ve started might not return customers quickly enough.

So how can you increase the likelihood of your business having enough capital and having enough runway to keep in existence?

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