Technical SEO Case Study: Breaking Language Barriers: The Remarkable Journey of a B2B SAAS’s 20x SEO Success Across Multiple Languages


Overcoming Technical SEO Challenges for a Multilingual B2B SAAS Provider Increasing Organic Traffic 20X as a result

Our client was a budding B2B SAAS company offering ordering solutions for various food and beverage establishments.

Their primary challenge was ranking for key terms in SEO, intending to optimize their entire website for SEO in English before adapting and translating it into French, Dutch, and German.

These translations needed the same SEO optimizations to rank in these additional languages and attract customers from these markets.


The client faced numerous technical SEO issues, leading to periods where the website completely disappeared from search results, resulting in virtually no organic traffic. This forced them to rely heavily on paid advertising and cold outreach to attract new customers.

The entire website content was loaded from a JSON file instead of a CMS, complicating our SEO copywriters’ translation and adaptation process. Changes could only be viewed live after being uploaded via Git to a test environment.


User Growth conducted a comprehensive SEO audit and keyword research and developed content briefings for each page on the website. We utilized advanced SEO software with Natural Language Processing capabilities to optimize each page according to the briefings. After client approval, specialized software adapted the JSON files accordingly.

Using the first language as a basis, SEO translation copywriters were briefed to adapt the content to other languages. In addition to SEO copywriting, User Growth also provided feedback on the website’s conversion rate optimization and usability aspects.

The Customer Journey through the AAARRR Funnel:

#1 Awareness

We implemented persuasive copywriting techniques, utilizing the Problem-Agitate-Solution copywriting framework to raise awareness about the client’s services. This involved articulating common problems faced by their potential customers, amplifying the urgency or discomfort around these problems, and presenting the client’s SAAS solution as the answer. This strategy was designed to engage visitors and motivate them to learn more about the client’s offerings.

#2 Acquisition

We provided feedback and actionable insights on the website’s conversion rate optimization and usability aspects. This included suggestions to improve the site’s navigation, visual appeal, and call-to-action placements, all aimed at enhancing user experience and boosting conversion rates. Our efforts aimed to maximize the number of visitors who would become leads and, ultimately, customers.

#3 Activation

While the client’s in-house success managers primarily managed the activation stage, our SEO efforts indirectly contributed to activation. By optimizing the website’s content, we helped ensure that newly acquired users would find the site useful, engaging, and easy to navigate, thereby increasing the likelihood of activation.

#4 Retention

As with activation, the client’s in-house success managers primarily handled retention. However, our efforts to enhance the site’s SEO and usability would have helped create a more engaging and satisfying user experience, thereby contributing to user retention.

#5 Revenue

Our comprehensive SEO strategies resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic—by a factor of 20. This surge in visibility likely led to a corresponding increase in leads and conversions, thereby boosting the client’s revenue.

#6 Referral

By optimizing the website’s content, we enhanced the client’s case studies, making them more appealing and persuasive. This would have encouraged satisfied customers to share these case studies within their networks, thereby promoting referrals.

Organic keyword increase of 400%


  • We achieved a 20-fold increase in organic traffic, enhancing visibility and facilitating the conversion of new clients.
  • Organic keyword increase of 400%
  • Reduced reliance on paid advertising and cold outreach by boosting organic traffic and conversions.
  • Optimized website content, enhancing case studies and encouraging referrals.
  • We provided actionable feedback on website usability and conversion rate optimization, contributing to a better user experience and higher conversion rates.