Evergreen Content Poster

Easily double your traffic from social media by keeping your content alive and in front of the audiences that matter.

Evergreen Content Poster will eliminate the need to continually schedule your best, evergreen content and manage your social media posts on auto-pilot.

Evergreen Content Poster

If you’re like most businesses you probably publish content as a way to build your audience and increase the traffic to your website. However, you might not be getting everything you could from each piece of content you create.

If you’re serious about your content, you should also be serious about driving as much traffic to it (over social media) as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is by sharing your content on social media more than once.

Using our Evergreen Content Poster you can keep your content alive and in front of the audiences that matter the most. It allows you to seamlessly share the content you create on your WordPress website into a schedule.

On top of that, it allows unlimited variations on how you want to share your content. This way your audience still get to see fresh new content and you can keep them engaged.

Don’t waste your content’s potential. Normally less than 3% of your audience sees your posts.

Build your Content Library, re-use posts multiple times and start driving more traffic from the top social media networks out there, by letting the Evergreen Content Poster breathe new life into your content.

Step 1: Connect your social accounts

Step 1:

Connect your social accounts

Step 2: Create a schedule for your evergreen content

Step 2:

Create a schedule for your evergreen content

Step 3: Add your content to your library

Step 3:

Add your content to your library

Step 4: Start sharing to your social media accounts

Step 4:

Start sharing to your social media accounts

Jetpack Publicize Alternative

Looking for an alternative to Jetpack’s Publicize? Evergreen Content Poster allows you to define unlimited scheduled status updates to each of your social media accounts.

With automatic reposting of your best (evergreen) content and powerful scheduling, we know Evergreen Content Poster is a great Jetpack Publicize alternative.

Revive Old Posts Alternative

Looking for a reliable alternative to Revive Old Posts? Evergreen Content Poster gives you automatic reposting of all of your evergreen content to social media.

And we’re not talking about sending the same post multiple times using a simple templating structure. We’re talking about unlimited variations on each post for each social network you want to send them to.

Simply register for an account with Buffer, if you don’t have one already, connect your social media profiles and start sending your timeless content to your social media profiles using our plugin.

There’s no need to register applications, wait for approvals or be frustrated with your content not being shared to your social network. The hardest part will be writing those different status updates for each piece of content you want to keep on sharing.

WordPress to Buffer Alternative

Looking for a beautiful alternative to WordPress to Buffer? Look no further, using Evergreen Content Poster each Post Type and social network can have multiple, unique status message and schedule settings.

We believe your followers are unique and so should your content be, so instead of using templates to add content in the same old boring way to your library, take the time to write unique status updates that bring true engagement.

You can add your content to the top or bottom of your Buffer queue, track the performance of your content using our Google Analytics UTM tracking and with our unique content library you can automatically keep on sharing your best content on social media.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster Alternative

Looking for a reliable alternative to NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster? Evergreen Content Poster provides a simple, beautiful yet powerful setup.

All you have to do is register for an account with Buffer and connect your social media profiles. After that define the status messages and create the accompanying visuals you want to schedule via your social media accounts when creating or updating your content on your WordPress site.

All content will now be added to your library hosted on your own WordPress environment and added to your Buffer queue based on the schedule you create. That’s it or Bob’s your uncle as we would say 🙂

SocialJukebox Alternative

Looking for an alternative to SocialJukebox that allows you to recycle your content on more platforms (Instagram and Pinterest through our integrations) and with more flexibility than ever? Then look no further.

The Evergreen Content Poster gives you the option to generate a schedule according to the latest best practices for each platform.

You can also choose to post at a specific time, or you can also pause a category full of content whenever you want.

Not to mention that you can generate a schedule for each platform, or use our Google Analytics UTM tracking to see which posts are driving the most traffic.


Why you should always re-use your posts

It’s appropriate to push something multiple times because the speed and noise creates constant diversity in content.
Gary VaynerchukGary Vaynerchuk – Influencer, CEO of VaynerMedia

There’s no question about the value of getting more tweets to get more exposure for you and your site.
Neil PatelNeil Patel – co-founder of Crazy Egg & KISSmetrics

Sharing content on your favourite platforms has never been easier since you can schedule the content from one place and have it shared on all your profiles. At the moment we support the following network:

  • You can post on Facebook (Pages you manage, and Groups you’re an Administrator of)
  • You can post on Twitter
  • You can post on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Profiles, and Company Pages you’re an Administrator of)
  • You can post on Instagram (You can post to your Instagram business accounts using reminders)
  • You can post on Pinterest (Personal and Business profiles)

Absolutely not! Since this plugin is built only to be used in the backend of your WordPress, you won’t notice any difference in speed on the frontend (the place where your visitors are consuming your content)

Yes, Evergreen Content Poster works independently of themes. As long as your website is running on WordPress, we’ve got you covered.

If the Evergreen Content Poster does not share posts to social media for your website, then the issue might be with WordPress’ Cron. This can be due to your website not having enough visitors or something is wrong with WordPress Cron such as it being turned off without a replacement.

There are two ways to go about addressing this issue, the first one( Method 1) is the simplest, the second(Method 2) involves creating a “True Cron” via your Cpanel account from your Web host.

If you are having trouble implementing Method 2 then please forward this document to your Web host support personnel. They will be able to implement the true cron for you. A recommended interval for the cron job would be once every 10 minutes.

Method 1.

You can create a Cron job for the Evergreen Content Poster using Cronjob.org:

Step 1.

Turn off the default WP Cron by editing the wp-config.php file (located in the root of the folder where WordPress is installed). Open the wp-config.php file, add a new line after define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); then add the following code on the new line:

define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);

Save your changes after you’ve added the new line.

If you are not sure how to navigate to this file via your Cpanel or FTP, you can install the following plugin which will allow you to edit the files on your server directly from within WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/file-manager-advanced/

Once the plugin is installed you should have a new option called File Manager inside your dashboard. Click the menu item in your left menu bar to bring up the files.

editing your wp-config file using File Manager Advanced


Right-click on wp-config.php and select Editor to start editing the file. Add the following line:

define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);

Inside the file after  define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); So it looks like below:


Disable WP Cron from your wp-config.php

(Be sure to save your changes when you’re done editing the file and then delete the File Manager plugin if no longer needed).

Once you have successfully turned off your default WP-Cron, the Evergreen Content Poster will show a warning notice that your WordPress Cron has been disabled:


The Evergreen Content Poster showing a warning notice that your WordPress Cron has been disabled

Step 2.

Create an account on https://console.cron-job.org/signup,  then log into your account on the website.


Step 3.


Creating a cron job online for your WordPress installation

Click on “Cronjobs” from the left menu after logging into your account (1) and click the “Create Cron Job” (2) button to create a new cron job.

Step 4.

Fill out the details of the Cron job. For Title (3) enter anything you wish, for Address (4) enter your website domain suffixed with


Example: https://yourwebsitedomain.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron

  • Change yourwebsitedomain.com to your actual website domain.
  • If your website does not have SSL, then change https to HTTP

Setting up your Evergreen Content Poster cron job

Then set the Cron execution schedule, we recommend every 10 minutes (5) and make sure to check the checkbox to notify you when “execution of the cronjob fails” (6). Be sure to run a test run to see if all is working and afterwards hit “create” to create and save your cronjob.

Step 5.

That’s it! Your cron job should now be created and if you did Step 4 correctly then you should see success messages in the Last Events section of your dashboard at https://console.cron-job.org/dashboard letting you know that the cron job ran successfully.

To dismiss the Evergreen Content Poster notice regarding your WP Cron Job being disabled, simply click  dismiss 

The Evergreen Content Poster showing a warning notice that your WordPress Cron has been disabled

Method 2.

The other method to fix the issue is creating a true cron for your website. This requires you to have access to your cPanel account to make the following changes. Or you can also do this by connecting to your server via SSH and editing the files yourself. Since most of the world offer cPanel, let’s try to make it as simple as possible and show you how you can do this using cPanel.

Step 1:

Just like with the previous method, we start by turning off the default WP Cron. We do this by editing the wp-config.php file (located in the root of the folder where WordPress is installed). Open the wp-config.php file, add a new line after define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false); then add the following code on the new line:

define('DISABLE_WP_CRON', true);

Save your changes after you’ve added the new line.

Step 2:

Setting up a Linux Cron.

Warning: You must familiarize yourself with how cron jobs work. You need to have a working knowledge of Linux commands before you can use cron jobs effectively.

To set up a Linux Cron job in cPanel:

  1. Log in to your cPanel.
  2. In the Advanced section, click Cron jobs.
  3. Under Add New Cron Job, select the time interval. We recommend that you set the interval at 10 minutes.
  4. Set the cron command to the following, replacing yourwebsite.com with your actual domain name:
    wget -q -O - http://yourwebsite.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron >/dev/null 2>&1

The above command tells the Linux server to run wp-cron via wget, which will trigger the wp-cron.php script to do its job on your schedule instead of on each page view.

  1. Click Add New Cron Job to set the cron

To test out the new cron, wait for the elapsed time period for the cron to run. If the cron does not run, please review the steps listed above to ensure that you have completed all steps correctly.

If you are not comfortable with performing any of these methods then we highly recommend you contact your web host for assistance. They will be able to perform either method for you in no time.

To dismiss the Evergreen Content Poster notice regarding your WP Cron Job being disabled, simply click  dismiss 

The Evergreen Content Poster showing a warning notice that your WordPress Cron has been disabled

Still having issues? Contact us here.

Nope, don’t you worry. We use a system called oAuth to connect your Buffer account with Evergreen Content Poster. This allows for you to authorize us adding items to your Buffer queue without the need for a password. If for whatever reason you want to deactivate the plugin, this connection will automatically be reset.

No; since October 2020, we’re proud to have been selected as a Partner by Buffer. This ensures continued access to Buffer’s API, meaning that the Evergreen Content Poster will continue to work.

Sharing your content multiple times on social media can trigger strong reactions. Some people don’t care for the practice of sharing the same content more than once on a social account, but, as is often the case, it is hard to argue with results.

The reality is that no one really cares, or even notices. And if they do, what is the worst thing that can happen? I mean, really? One aspect of marketing we often forget is that no one notices everything we do.

Your social media followers aren’t like RSS subscribers who see and read every post. In fact, sharing more than once probably is an essential part of providing your audience with the value you promised them. If you don’t share your links a few times, they may never see any of your updates.

To begin sharing your content over social media more than once, you need to develop a simple schedule that will provide some guidelines for how often you want to share your content on each network. With this schedule, you will be tackling questions like:

  • How often can I share this on each network? What is acceptable?
  • Is there a preferred time of day that I want to keep in mind?
  • How long will my content be fresh, or shareable?
  • How much time should I put between each new social message?
  • What are some ways I can create variety in my social sharing schedule?

Be careful in your planning. You don’t want to send your messages one right after another, or in big clumps, because that’s where the spam thing comes in to play.

Also, make sure to add variety in your content.

You can do this by asking questions or including pull-quotes from the post itself.

It might take some more time to set up your evergreen content like this, but your audience and your traffic will thank you for this.

It is a great way to engage your audience with your content without looking like someone who just wants to promote their own stuff. There are a number of message types you can use as needed. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Straight and Easy: Post Title + Link
  • The Question: Ask an engaging question to stir conversation
  • Cite a Fact: Share a fact or figure that is included in your post
  • Share a Quote: Grab a pull-quote from your article and turn it into a social message
  • Add Intrigue: Write a teaser message that grabs the attention of your readers

This tactic provides an excellent way to try out new ideas on your followers. For example, does asking questions increase reader engagement?

Also, it is worth noting that this process gives you a great opportunity to test alternate headlines.

Convinced that Evergreen Content Poster can help your business?

Install Evergreen Content Poster

Be sure to only enter your domain (e.g. https://www.yourgroovydomain.com/).
WordPress must be running on this domain.
On the next page, click "Install" again on the bottom right.

We got some sad news

Your site is being hosted at WordPress.com and WordPress.com doesn't allow the installation of WordPress.org plugins. In order for you to use the Evergreen Content Poster you need to change your site to a self-hosted environment.

Something's Wrong

We couldn't validate your site address. Type your address again or follow manual installation instructions below.

Install The Evergreen Content Poster

Installing Evergreen Content Poster is pretty straight forward, if you know the URL of your website from the top of your mind, just simply add it in the form above and click “Install Evergreen Content Poster”. If for whatever reason this fails you can also try it manually as described below.

Manual Alternatives

If you prefer installing manually you can download the plugin ZIP file here.

Alternatively you can install the Evergreen Content Poster directly from your site’s dashboard by searching for “Evergreen Content Poster” in your plugins tab. Step-by-step instructions are up next.

Installing the Evergreen Content Poster plugin manually

The easiest way to install the Evergreen Content Poster manually is via your site’s Dashboard. Please follow these instructions to install Evergreen Content Poster:

  1. Log in to your site’s Dashboard (e.g. https://www.yourgroovydomain.com/wp-admin)
  2. Click on the “Plugins” tab in the left panel, then click “Add New”.
  3. Search for “Evergreen Content Poster” and the latest version will appear at the top of the list of results.
  4. Install it by clicking the “Install Now” link.
  5. When the installation finishes, click “Activate Plugin”.
  6. You will now be redirected to our settings page. From here you can finalize your installation and connect your social media accounts.
  7. You’re done!

Having trouble?

  • Don’t see a Plugins menu in your dashboard? Then your site is probably on WordPress.com and you can’t install Evergreen Content Poster :-/
  • If you are using a Multisite install, note that Evergreen Content Poster must be activated individually for each site in the network. Any admin for that site can forge the activations.
  • Still having troubles? Drop us a line via our contact form!