Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

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Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

Introducing the Ultimate Browser Extension for Every SEO Expert and Web Developer: Sprout SEO

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Effortlessly validate your page’s schema markup directly in your browser with our innovative tool. Whether you’re aiming for perfect structured data or seeking to ace Google’s rich results, this extension is your new go-to solution.

Gone are the days of toggling between tabs and tools. With just one click, Sprout SEO lets you check your page’s markup using the trusted validator or Google’s rich results validator. This seamless integration ensures your website meets the highest standards of structured data quality.

Why is this essential? In the digital age, flawless structured data is not just a perk – it’s a necessity. It’s the backbone that helps search engines understand and display your content effectively, boosting your visibility and SEO performance.

Key Features of this Free Technical SEO extension:

1️⃣ Instant validation of schema markup using the validator.
2️⃣ Quick checks with Google’s rich results validator for optimal SEO.
3️⃣ User-friendly interface integrated directly into your Chrome browser.
4️⃣ Time-saving and efficient, ideal for busy web professionals.
5️⃣ Instantly view all available Schema Types on a page
6️⃣ Export all Schema markup found on a page or each individual type so you can easily back up your schema or study what makes your competitors outrank you 🙃

Empower your website with Sprout SEO. Ensure your site’s structured data is impeccable, enhancing your search presence and paving the way for rich, engaging search results.

Don’t just hope your structured data is correct – know it.

Add Sprout SEO to your browser today and take the guesswork out of SEO.

Ready to start validating?

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How do you use the Sprout SEO browser extension?

Click the extension icon in your browser, opening up the browser extension ready for you to view any potential schema found on your current page.

How to access the Schema Validator & Rich Results Tester from your Browser
Validate schema with one click

Point. Click. Learn.

Want to know if your current schema validates? Or maybe you want to see if your page qualifies for a featured snippet by using the Google Rich Results tester. What about learning why your competition is getting all those featured snippets, and you’re not?

Now you can, with the click of a button.

Click any markup to see the details, or make an individual export of that Type

If you want to dive deeper into the structured data found on your page, you can take a deep dive by clicking on any of the schema types found on the page to validate at a glance or export just that individual type.

Click any schema markup type to see the details, or make an individual export of that Type
Test your current page for Technical SEO issues

Looking for other tools to test your current page?

Using the Sprout SEO browser extension, you can quickly open your current tab with the most common SEO tools.

A quick and easy way to test the currently open tab with some of the most commonly used SEO tools:

  • Opening your current page in Google Search Console Performance
  • Search the current page with Google Site Search
  • Opening your current page in Google Page Speed Insights
  • Opening your current page in Google Cache
  • Check if the current page passes the AMP validation
  • Open the domain of the website in Similar Web
  • Open your current page in the Wayback Machine
  • Open the current domain in the Wayback Machine
  • Open your current page with the W3C Validator
  • Open the current website in “Built with”
  • Open the current page in Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, or Semrush
  • Open the current domain in BuzzSumo
  • Check who the owner is by opening checking the domain with Whois

Dark Mode Support

Of course, no modern product can live without dark mode. We have your back if you want something less straining on your eyes!

Dark Mode Support in the Schema Validator Browser Extension

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What others are saying

So helpful, having schema on point is key for SEO growth!

Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

Arnaud Belinga

Where has this tool been my whole life?

Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

Jason Howie

Very cool chrome plugin for those that want to get everything out of there SEO efforts!

Already used by many SEO experts to see schema markup’s fast and export them!

Really awesome!

Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

Ab Advany

Nice and easy to use. I can now quickly check the rich result of each pages.

Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

Donatienne de Negri

Easy and usefull tool! Works like a charm.

Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

Lamper Design

Easy and very efficient tool. Saves time looking for the right tool and copy and pasting the URL’s.

Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

Nils van der Knaap

Working with structured data for our clients daily, I’ve lost count of the time I’ve spent copy-pasting URLs into the rich results tester and the validator. This plugin is such a time-saver!

Now, whenever I’m on a page, I can get that page validated with just the press of a button for both the Google Rich Results tester and the one from

Can’t wait to see what else will be added in the future!

Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

Vipul Mori

This WAS the extension so many of us needed – a simple way to see the Rich Results without the usual hassle of copy-pasting the URL.

Thanks a lot, Hans van Gent!

Free Technical SEO Browser Extension: Sprout SEO 🌱

Sandip Roy

In the digital age, visibility is king. Testing for structured data and rich results is like giving search engines a roadmap to your content.

It makes sure your website speaks the language of Google, Bing, and others, making your content visible, vivid, and enticing in search results.

Regular testing improves organic ranking, especially in a continuously evolving digital landscape. This, in return, will lead to higher click-through rates, higher visibility on Google, and a more substantial online presence.

Time is money, especially in SEO. Our plugin is the pocketknife for the digital craftsman – quick, reliable, and correct at your fingertips.

Integrating seamlessly with your Chrome browser offers immediate validation of your webpage’s structured data, slashing the time spent on manual checks.

This means more time for strategy, content creation, and refining your digital masterpiece.

Imagine a billboard that speaks directly to your audience – that’s schema markup in the digital world. It’s a powerful SEO tool that tells search engines exactly what your content is about, enhancing how your page appears in search results.

In a sea of online content, schema markup makes your page stand out, increasing visibility and user engagement, a vital ingredient in today’s competitive SEO landscape.

Schema markup is the paint, and structured data is the canvas. Structured data is the format, the actual data you provide, used to organize information on your website. Schema markup is the specific vocabulary, the language in which you present your content, that helps search engines interpret and display that data.

Together, they create a masterpiece that search engines love to showcase.

Navigating the maze of SEO can be daunting. Our plugin not only validates but also identifies errors in your schema markup. It’s like having a GPS for your SEO journey, guiding you away from pitfalls and steering you toward a flawless, search engine-friendly website.

SEO is not a set-it-and-forget-it game. Regular audits of structured data keep your site speaking fluently to search engines. Testing should be as routine as oil changes for your car – done every few months or whenever major site updates occur.

Have a regular look at your Search Console dashboard to identify potential first issues, then use the Chrome Extension to dive in to find and fix the problems.

Stay ahead of the curve and make sure your site continues to resonate with both search engines and your audience.

Our plugin is the Swiss Army knife for schema testing. Whether you’re showcasing articles, products, local businesses, FAQ schema, Person schema to enhance your E-E-A-T signals, or more, we’ve got you covered.

Designed for versatility, it’s your one-stop shop for validating a wide array of schema types, ensuring your site’s structured data is always in top form for optimal search engine recognition.

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